DANIMA Technologies Inc. has been in business since 1998 serving clients from the Niagara Region to Vietnam. Over the years we have provided our clients with reliable and dependable hosting services and now we are offering the same dependability, stablity and reliabilty to you!

So why DANIMA?
There are a multitude of hosting companies on the web. Many of them offer unlimited features such as bandwidth and storage space at really low costs. DANIMA doesn't hide behind catch-words and phrases that have double-meaning. We DO offer low rates and unmetered features in all of our hosting packages. We understand our clients and their needs and have created packages that we believe will meet the needs of any size business.

DANIMA has invested in the best in class server technology and server co-location facilities. We are able to manage and support our own equipment. This strategy allows us to provide our clients with excellent bandwidth, virtually zero un-forecasted down time, and the ability to seamlessly add additional server capabilities when required by our high volume clients. The added benefit for our client is we are able to offer hosting packages at very competitive prices because we do not use third parties to provide or manage our server infrastructure.